A highlight of my trip to Mexico City was the Museo Nacional de Antropología. It’s a absolute must-visit, being the largest and most popular museum in Mexico. Once you step in, you are greeted with exhibitions that delve into the rich history of pre-Columbian civilizations of Mexico. Some of the iconic pieces housed in this magnificent museum include:

El Paragua (The Umbrella), a colossal column that holds up an 84-meter-long stone canopy, the world’s largest concrete structure supported by a single pillar.

La Piedra del Sol (Aztec Sun Stone), the most famous sculpture here, depicting the essence of Mexica cosmogony – the origins of the universe according to Aztec mythology.

Disco de la Muerte or Disk of Death which depicts the Aztec God of Death and ruler of the underworld, Mictlāntēcutli.

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