Jenny Lake in Grand Teton: Wyoming’s Alpine Beauty

February 15, 2024

Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Reprinted from Landscape Photography Magazine ISSUE 145 SEP / OCT 2023 with additional images

It was an unusually frigid morning for mid-September to set up for a sunrise shoot on the shores of Jenny Lake. I had just arrived the day prior to Grand Teton National Park in western Wyoming to the aftermath of an early season snow storm.

My intent was to pitch our tent for the week as close to the lake as possible. Unbeknownst to me at the time, campers start lining up in their vehicles at midnight for a 5am check-ins for the first-come, first-served Jenny Lake Campground. My wife and I were lucky enough (very lucky indeed!) to show up midday to an open site and friendly camp host who checked us in immediately.

As we set up camp for the week in the newly accumulated snow, neighbors emerged from their tents telling stories of the ferocious winds that ultimately led park rangers to evacuate them from the campground for the night. Let’s just say I’m glad we arrived the day we did!

Jenny Lake

With unwavering dedication I awoke the next morning well before sunrise for the short hike to the shore. Cold, dark and windy. Far from the ideal conditions I hoped for. As the sunrise approached, my mood quickly changed (how couldn’t it?!) as the Teton Range lit up in alpenglow that shined brightly over the otherwise dark waters.

Pictured here is a direct view of Cascade Canyon with Tiwinot Mountain – elevation 12,247ft (3733m) – to the left and Mount St John – elevation 11,404ft (3476m) – to the right.

It was an unforgettable morning and fantastic start to an amazing trip through the Teton Range. Well worth every frozen finger.

Jenny Lake

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