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Thanks for landing here and welcome to my online sanctuary where the majesty of nature blends with the artistry of visual storytelling.

At Alan Stenback Photography, you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of the natural world and gain unique insights.

My Mission

My goal is simple: to inspire and awaken your creativity through the captivating allure of natures landscapes.

If only one of my images inspires you to create your own art, if only one of my stories gets you itching to explore a new corner of our captivating Earth, then I’m doing my job.


Evolving with Education

Sunset Point, Capitol Reef National Park

Photography is more than capturing moments; it’s about exploring new perspectives. That’s why I’ve expanded to offer educational content and on-location workshops. These aren’t just lessons in technique but invitations to forge a deeper connection with the world around us.



Although an engineer by formal training, art has always coursed through my veins.

First in the form of drawings and music as a growing human. And now through an uncanny passion for the raw, intense, seductive power that only nature grants us.

As I’ve followed along the path of my creative journey, I’ve acquired a love for the perfect harmony of visual storytelling. At our core, we are moved by the energy of a story, on a soulful level we can all connect to the mightiness of nature.

My home base is nestled in the mountains of Central Colorado – truly the best playground for any landscape photographer, nature lover and avid hiker. Capturing the raw untamed beauty of these landscapes—showcasing the essence of the Rockies in my collection of mountainscapes and nightscapes is a gift I’m ever grateful for.

Beyond Colorado, my love for nature takes me across the sweeping landscapes of the American Southwest, into the lush tropical rainforests of Central America and along the pristine beaches of the Caribbean.

I like to say: “I don’t just capture moments; I immortalize them.” In the shop, my art lives on paper, canvas, acrylic and metal prints, carefully crafted to endure and reflect nature’s timeless allure.

With my wife, Gina, we’re avid explorers—whether hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, finding the perfect beach spots and coffee shops,  immersing ourselves in diverse cultures and always in awe of the landscapes around us. From high alpine worlds to tropical wonders. Come join me on this journey through varied terrains and witness the wonder of nature.


Today we’d like to introduce you to Alan Stenback.


Alan, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.


Sunset Point, Capitol Reef National Park
“I’ve always enjoyed working with cameras and taking photographs. As a kid it was with point-and-shoot 35mm film cameras, taking pictures of family, friends and vacations like most folks do with their smartphones today. In college I bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel, again 35mm film. I was fortunate to have the Canon with me on a number of trips to exotic destinations like Jamaica and French Polynesia before going back to the compact point-and-shoots as the digital revolution arrived.

It wasn’t until relocating from the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area to Boulder just over five years ago that my passion with the art of landscape photography developed. I remember the specific moment well, when I made the conscious decision to go all-in on photography.

It was one of my first hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. On the trail to Emerald Lake. It’s a spectacular hike that starts at Bear Lake and climbs past a few different alpine lakes before you reach Emerald. The views of Longs Peak along the way are unparralleled. It was late May, there was still several feet of snow on most of the trail, my wife Gina and I stopped for a snack as we passed Nymph Lake. It was this moment…

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Sunset Point, Capitol Reef National Park



Blue skies persisted for most of the day, huge crowds filled the festive streets of Fairplay from start to finish and the 72nd edition of World Championship Pack Burro racing added another memorable chapter to its already storied history.

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